Who are we?

Who are we? Having spent many years working in the tourist industry and having acquired experience with many of the leading tourist agencies and hotels, our team has gained enough knowledge and the ability to recognize all positive and negative aspects of our employer’s business running. The following logical step was to open a new agency that would allow us to run a business according to how we see the modern market of this industry. An experienced and ambitious team has been assembled, comprised of highly knowledgeable and trend observing people, who nurture the idea of a customer being the center of the attention, not profit. The main aim of our business is providing our customers with highly positive experience and putting a smile on their face. It makes us exceptionally happy when we are able to provide our guests with additional information and help them feel welcome and like being home, to the extent of our ability.

Why Choose Us

Why are we

The reason we started our own business is a desire to work with smaller number of guests at the time. It’s not because we’re afraid of hard work; it’s due to our desire to pay more attention to each guest. And that’s why we meet each and every guest of ours in person, and why actively participate in our tours ourselves.

We're on
stand by 24/7

You can reach us any time of day or night. We try to make it easier for you to contact us using all the free apps like E-mail, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype etc. There is no need for you to spend any money if you can get in touch with us using modern technology. One tip- every bar in Split has a free Wi-Fi so you could easily connect to it and contact us.

Value for

We really believe our rates are fair and properly calculated. Every tour of ours took time to plan, effort, manpower and resources to even be possible. VAT, vehicles cost, fuel, guide’s diplomas, office rental and staff paychecks are the reason why we take ourselves seriously. So that is why you get what you paid for.

How Do We Work?

We divide our time between office and field work. We answer your E-mails, we explain our offer in person at our outposts at Split’s waterfront promenade, we help you with your luggage/parking/bus schedule/restaurant recommendations/city maps etc. We meet you in the morning before tour’s departure, bring you your desired refreshment and we welcome you back when the tour is finished. After everything’s done, we send you free HD photos via E-mail as a last gift from us, so you could show your friends and family what a great time you had in our city.

We’ll meet your every

If you have a desire to do something that is not in our program or we do not have what you wanted as part of our offer- do not hesitate to ask. We believe that we can make it happen for you, as long as it is legal and humanly possible.

Meet Our Team

Tonko Mileta


After many years spent in worldwide tourism and hospitality related businesses, five stars hotels, casino industry and other, it is time to work on my own. Now, I am running my own tourist agency. My goal is to provide our clients with a large number of different, one-day excursions from Split.

Jelena Mileta

She is a communicative and talkative person, always in a good mood, bursting with energy. In terms of customer services, she is very experienced and good at troubleshooting. She knows her way in multicultural environments. Jelena is very punctual and she manages time and responsibilities efficiently.
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